Consejo General de la Psicología


Results of Division 15's latest election

We're pleased to announce the results of Division 15's latest election:

  • President-Elect - Bonnie J. F. Meyer, PhD
  • Treasurer - Carol M. Connor, PhD
  • Member-at-Large - DeLeon L. Gray, PhD
  • Member-at-Large - Cynthia A. Hudley, PhD

The named individuals will all begin three-year terms following the close of the 2015 APA Convention. We had an energetic and well-qualified batch of candidates this year, and we thank all who ran for their ongoing support of our organization.


Of course, we also extend a heartfelt thanks to you, our members, for your careful consideration and votes.




Karen Harris, President

Nancy Perry, President-Elect

Terri Thorkildsen, Past Present

APA Division 15, Educational Psychology